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Virtual Tours

Click on one of the selections below to begin your virtual tour through Minnesota prisons.

  Multiple Housing
  Seniors Unit
MCF-Lino Lakes
  Segregation Cell
  South Unit Control Station
  South Unit - C and D Patio
  Visiting - Room
MCF-Oak Park Heights
MCF-Red Wing
  Outside School and Administration Bldg.
  Brown Treatment Unit
  Yale Sex Offender Unit
  Dayton Security Unit
  School Library
  School Classroom
  Construction Trades Pre-Vocation Classroom
MCF-Rush City
  Double Cell
  Living Unit - Officers view
  Living Unit
MCF-St. Cloud
  Cell Hall
  Double Cell
  Non-Contact Visiting
  Main Entrance
  Shakopee Tours
  Single Cell
  Double Cell
  Cell Hall
MCF-Moose Lake
  Moose Lake Tours
MCF-Willow River - Challenge Incarceration Program
  Willow River Tours

Please read the following introduction before proceeding:
You must have a Java enabled browser to view these files.  All new browsers support Java. These files work with Internet Explorer 3 or higher on a Windows based PC or Netscape 4.x and above.

The tour will begin loading once you have made your selection.  While viewing, you have the ability to maneuver inside the tour.

Suggestions for best Viewing:
1 - The recommended Web browser is Internet Explorer 5 or higher for both Mac and PC.
2 - Set your monitor resolution to 1024x768 at millions or thousands of colors.
3 - Free up memory by quitting applications you are not using, except your Web browser.

Virtual Tour images are larger and require more computer memory to function. For Internet viewing, a broadband connection is recommended.


Virtual Tours
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